I. Cloud-based Usage

    The version of Tavaxy accessed from this page is hosted at the Amazon Cloud Computing platform. It does not run as a multi-user system installed on a certain local infrastructure. Rather, a separate infrastructure (composed of a computer cluster) with the whole Tavaxy system is created on the cloud for each user. That is, many users have many independent Tavaxy systems on many independent machines.

There are two options of using Tavaxy from this web-site

  1. Use of free Tavaxy system; where we take over the cost of running that version. In this mode, the computation time is limited to two days and the cluster size is limited to 4 nodes.
  2. Use of Tavaxy from another Amazon account; where the user takes over the cost of establishing the cluster and carrying out the computation. In this case, the user is required to enter his Amazon account information to proceed in the system. In this version, the user is free to set a cluster of any number of nodes and to let it run until computation is over.

Start using Tavaxy on the cloud:

II. Web-server Usage

For small and medium jobs, you can use our demo server.
Demo Server: http://demo.tavaxy.org